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Residential Plumbing Systems

In the table below the varied components of a residential plumbing system are outlined, each with a description and their commonly found locations in a home. The water supply system is integral, distributing fresh water throughout the property. Complementarily, the Drain-Waste-Vent (DWV) system is responsible for removing wastewater and gases, typically present in bathrooms and kitchens. Radiant floor heating systems, often found in living areas, underscore the breadth of plumbing’s role, providing comfort through heated flooring.

Plumbing Appliances and Fixtures

Appliances such as water heaters are crucial for heating water and are often located in basements or utility closets, while faucets, fixtures, toilets, and sinks serve their respective functions in controlling water release and providing sanitation, predominantly found in bathrooms and kitchens. Bathtubs and showers are installed for bathing purposes, garbage disposals aid in food waste management, and sump pumps protect against water accumulation, all with specific location inclinations. Laundry and dishwashing appliances require connections to both water supply and drainage systems, generally placed in laundry rooms and kitchens, respectively. Pipes and valves are the fundamental conduits and control mechanisms for water flow within a residence.

Outdoor Plumbing Systems

Additionally, outdoor spigots, septic systems, and sewer lines serve external water access, on-site sewage treatment, and connect the home to municipal waste facilities.

Residential Plumbing Systems, Appliances, and Fixtures

Plumbing System/ApplianceDescriptionCommon Locations
Water Supply SystemBrings fresh water into the home.Throughout the home
Drain-Waste-Vent (DWV) SystemRemoves waste water and gases.Bathrooms, kitchen
Water HeaterHeats water for domestic use.Basement, utility closet
Faucets and FixturesControl the release of water.Bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room
ToiletsSanitary fixtures for waste disposal.Bathrooms
SinksBasins with taps for water usage.Bathrooms, kitchen
Bathtubs and ShowersFor bathing.Bathrooms
Garbage DisposalShreds food waste for easy disposal.Kitchen sink
Sump PumpPumps out accumulated water.Basement
Washing MachineAppliance for laundry, needs water supply and drainage.Laundry room
DishwasherAppliance for washing dishes, needs water supply and drainage.Kitchen
Pipes and ValvesConduits and controllers for water flow.Throughout the home
Outdoor SpigotsOutdoor taps for hoses and fixtures.Exterior walls
Septic SystemOnsite sewage facility for waste management.Backyard or side yard
Sewer LineCarries wastewater to municipal sewers or septic systems.Underground, leading away from the home
Radiant Floor Heating SystemHeats home through hot water tubes beneath the floor.Floors, especially bathroom and living areas