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My drain is clogged again

We hear this often unfortunately.  Drain clogs always seem to happen at the worst times.  A toilet that constantly clogs up, leaking contaminated water all over your bathroom floor can be a nightmare. Cook a meal for an army for a holiday or special event and use that handy garbage disposal as a catch-all? One more chore added to the long list of “to-do” after work is not something any of us look forward to especially if it is to clean up toilet water off the floor or dig around in the sludgy garbage disposal. We understand, you are busy and things like clogged toilets, bathroom and kitchen sinks and shower drains are a hassle to say the least. Don’t worry though; we have decades of experience with these problems and promise quality work and quick results and best of all fair pricing!

3 Tips to Prevent Drain Clogs

  1. Do not put pasta down the disposal or potato peels
  2. Do not put grease down your drain
  3. Do not put egg shells down your drains or disposal


Constant Blockage or Slow Draining?

Have you noticed repeated toilet or kitchen sink clogging and have beautiful (or not so beautiful) trees in your yard? Sometimes the tree’s roots can grow up and around and pierce through piping causing extensive or minimal damage. We can fix this too! If clearing the drain with a plunger doesn’t work call us so we can help you.  **Using a snake or those popular drain chemicals often makes the situation worse. A drain snake has the potential to damage the pipe and those chemicals in Draino are corrosive.  They not only eat away at the clog but eat away at the glue that holds pipes together. We recommend avoiding these products whenever possible.**