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3 Garbage Disposal Tips to Consider

Tip #1: Horsepower

Horsepower is how much power is available to grind the food you put into the disposal.  We recommend at least a ¾ horsepower garbage disposal for most single-family homes. (The ½ HP garbage disposals are a great budget disposal but require more diligence in not putting certain things into the disposal.)

1/3 to ¾ Horse Power Badger Series garbage disposals are good for produce trimmings, apple cores and banana peels as well as other normal food wastes

¾ horse power Badger Evolution Compact garbage disposals are good for a bit tougher food items like apple cores, potato and banana peels, celery and small chicken bones

Tip #2: Overload Protection

Garbage Disposal Overload Protection is the safety feature that turns the motor off if the motor is overheating. This protects the motor from damage.

Tip #3: Garbage Disposal Flywheel Turning Wrench Hole

The flywheel turning wrench hole is where you can insert the allen wrench that is included in the garbage disposal packaging. When inserted and turned, it manually turns the jammed grinder wheel. The tool looks like an “L” shaped metal stick. Click here for a quick video on how to turn your garbage disposal flywheel.  Most models  have these but make sure before you buy!

6 Things to NEVER put into your garbage disposal

  • Coffee Grounds – Coffee grounds may settle in a drain line, sticking to the pipe walls. Over time other items that go down the drain can cling to the grounds and will eventually build up enough to cause a clog.
  • Egg Shells – when ground up by the disposal creates hard smaller particles and just like coffee grounds these egg shell bits can stick to the walls of the pipes where other things like grease and food bits can stick to and eventually cause a clog.
  • Pasta & Rice – both of these foods when mashed up by a disposal creates a thick paste that can cause damage to your disposal or clog drains.
  • Grease – as grease cools down it turns to a more solid material. Over time this will cause a buildup in the pipes and cause a clog.
  • Meat Products – (meat, skin, bones, fat) will all cause damage or a clog to your disposal and pipes.